In July 2021, the World Economic Forum made a stunning statement aimed at the electronic gadgets and mobile industry. It said, “Repairing - not just recycling is the first step towards tackling e-waste from electronics gadgets & mobile phones.” The electronic gadgets and mobile phone industry has shown steady growth, whatever the state of the economy over the years. Manufacturers are putting these palm-sized computers in the hands of over a billion users, every year. They have revolutionized life in every way, and have ushered in an era of financial inclusion, and business-to- business models. They have transformed the entertainment and communication industry to the core. But as smart device sales escalate year after year, the rising e- waste has started to pose challenges, a fact that not only environmental bodies have noted but now economic forums too. The second major factor is the fact that the potential buyers and the decisionmakers have shown a strong urge to buy a higher ranked, better configuration as-good-as-new smart device over a lower model, though it may not be straight from the factory